Review (#giftedbook): Anne of Manhattan

Okay, so you know when you have a book in front of you that seems perfectly nice, but for whatever reason you’re dragging your feet when it comes to reading it?

Because yeah same.

And when it comes to this book, I REALLY wished I hadn’t dragged my feet for so long.

Why? Because it was really f***ing lovely, that’s why. Beyond one BRIEF moment towards the end when I really questioned all of author Brina Starler’s decisions, I loved every second of this book. I love that this is a modern retelling of Anne of Green Gables with a 24 year-old Anne. I loved not only the POV switches between Anne and Gilbert in the present, but also past Anne and Gilbert. I loved all of the little sweet nods to the original story. I loved the support systems for Gilbert and Anne. I loved Anne and Gil TOGETHER. I could honestly go on and on but damn, this one is good. Also, we get some steaminess (open-door) which I’m fairly certain wasn’t in the original series. 😉

I also really liked how Starler wrote Gil’s character. 100% book boyfriend material. I love how open he is (at least to himself, at first) about his feelings for Anne. There is none of this denial that is so present in many enemies-to-lovers romances (looking at you, Viscount Anthony Bridgerton). Truly, while I feel like many aspects of this makes it an enemies-to-lovers situation…Gilbert Blythe makes it very clear that Anne is not his enemy. I could probably go on gushing, but I found this to be such a sweet, heartwarming (truly), charming novel. I wanted more, even an epilogue, just to keep the story going a little longer. I definitely want to reread Anne of Green Gables now. It has been a hot minute.

TW: sexual harassment

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