Happy Birthday Percy Jackson!

Hey all–

If you have ever visited my good ol’ blog before, you will know that I have changed/reworked/revamped/started it over at least five times. Each time felt a little more right, but I still struggled with a focus. I would constantly ask myself, “What do I want to write about?” whenever I would sit down to write and come up with everything and nothing. Until yesterday. Yesterday, I was sitting on my couch watching Midsomer Murders (obsessed) and glancing at my bookshelf. It hit me. I have always wanted to write about books. Any book. All books. On top of that, I wanted a medium where I could work on being brave and sharing my own pieces of fiction. There will still be some yoga and running posts here and there and I will, of course, think of some clever way of tying it all together. Honestly, I am just SO excited. The new adventure kind of excitement. The “I haven’t had coffee in two weeks and here is a latte” kind of excitement (true story).

Of course, if you know me at all, you know that my brain seems to be overly fond of me doing all the things at the same time. I am embarking on this journey while about to begin the last leg of another journey–graduate school. I have eight months left ya’ll and they have been promised to be the hardest months yet. Hello student teaching (starting in a week!!). Hello course work. Hello edTPA. Hello no paying job. However, since I am working towards becoming a high school English teacher, I think this will complement it all rather nicely, don’t you?

All of this leads to the first book, which happens to be a second book. Whose main character is none other than the demigod (half-god, half-human) hero of about one thousand (only a mild exaggeration) books by author Rick Riordan. This hero’s name is Percy Jackson, and according to the internet (and the author) yesterday was his birthday. I am currently in the process of rereading the first series Jackson features in. If you have not read any of these books yet, here is some quick info:

  • Percy Jackson is a main character in Riordan’s “Percy Jackson & The Olympians” series, the “Heroes of Olympus” series, and features in both “The Trials of Apollo” series and “Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard. Also a series. Yeah, Rick Riordan is a busy guy.
  • They are filled with SO MUCH mythology and shenanigans.
  • These books are all considered to be YA fiction and I have loved and devoured them for years.

Why I Love Them:

I LOVE MYTHOLOGY. Riordan does a masterful job of weaving the mythology of various civilizations (the series I’m currently on deals with Greek mythology) into these stories while at the same time giving the readers these characters that are relatable, funny, and instantly lovable. I consistently recommend them to everyone I know because I think they are great for younger and older readers alike. I have read the initial series (Percy Jackson & The Olympians) a handful of times and still find myself engaged in the story with each read. I honestly cannot say enough good things about these books!

This morning, I finished The Sea of Monsters (pictured), the second book in PJ & the O’s (mhm I went there) and I just received an email from the library saying that the third book is now available for me to read on my Kindle app! Obviously, this is where we part for now.

Until next time, keep reading!

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