February Reads–2019

We’re more than halfway through February…but better late than never when it comes to this month’s reads, right? After finally finishing and submitting my edTPA last week and graduation just around the corner, I feel like I can finally, slightly, relax. I have a big stack this month in the to-read pile…a couple of which, at this point in the month, I have finished before getting around to this post. šŸ™‚ Up this month:

Feminasty by Erin Gibson

Since this came out last Fall, I have seen it all over Instagram and have been excited to get my hands on it. I just started it yesterday and so far, I’m loving this woman’s “down with the patriarchy” badassery. This book is set up as a collection of short essays on a variety of subjects (including Mike Pence and #MeToo) that are both entertaining and thought-provoking. I’ll update when finished!

heliumĀ by Rudy Francisco


I didn’t really know much about spoken word poetry until last year. In one of my literacy classes, my professor spent an entire class discussing poetry and in particular, spoken word. I thought it was amazing, and after I saw a friend post one of Rudy’s videos on Facebook, I was hooked. helium is his most recent book of poetry and it includes several poems that grace Youtube as well as many more. A review will be up soon!

PurpleĀ Hibiscus by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

I read this book earlier this month–about a week before I had to start teaching it to my sophomore classes. Basically, I can’t wait to review this book later because I’m now ready to read every single thing Adichie has ever written. Kambili, the narrator/main character of this story is one of the most “real” characters I have read in a long time and this story is beautiful and heart-breaking with a large dash of strength. I can only hope that my students find something good in it.

HarryĀ PotterĀ andĀ theĀ PrisonerĀ ofĀ Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

I probably don’t need to say much about this one. I’ve already read it. Going through my yearly reading pilgrimage with these books. I’m reading one a month which will carry me to summer and as this is one of my favorites, what a nice month this is. šŸ™‚ For those who don’t know, the Harry Potter books are still amazing even after multiple read-throughs.

TheĀ Odyssey translated by Emily Wilson

I never had the chance to read this in high school and I’ve been trying to finish it since last month as I am currently teaching it to my freshmen students. Don’t worry–they just started reading it last week and I am almost done so I should stay ahead! Greek mythology/literature is my JAM and I can’t wait to dive into this with my students. Odysseus’ journey to get back home makes for quite a story.

That’s all for today! Have an excellent day and as always, keep reading!

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