Haiku A Day: Days 34-42

This past week has been a blur, honestly. Haikus were written, haikus were forgotten, haikus were not posted. The rain returned off and on this and it just left me feeling grey and unmotivated. However, the sun came out today, and I have a bunch of haikus to share with you!

Day 34:

Forty books this year–
that’s the goal, can I do it?
Yes, thanks Corona.

Day 35:

Whenever I read
Simon climbs onto my chest…
then, no more reading.

Day 36:

So many book clubs,
so much time to read, and yet,
it is hard to start.

Day 37:

The pressure to write
a daily haiku spreads, builds
until it fills me.

Day 38:

It is almost time
for a new haiku journal.
This one will retire.

Day 39:

I have five tattoos.
Each has its own story of
my past and present.

Day 40:

I am a cat mom
and a plant mom, but the two
often don’t mix well.

Day 41:

Simon: lover of
feathers; destroyer of
plants; purring through all.

Day 42:

Outside, the sun shines.
My plants unfurl and stretch leaves.

All caught up! Yay! Wishing you all the very best. 🙂

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