Review: Goodnight From London

Happy Tuesday Everyone! New review for you today! I’ve been super into historical fiction this year, and I enjoyed today’s book so much that I’ll definitely be reading more!

Thanks to @bookclubgirl, NetGalley, and HarperCollins Publishers for this free digital copy in exchange for an honest review! 🙂

Rundown When Ruby Sutton, newer writer for The American is asked to go to London and work as a shared writer between The American and London’s Picture Weekly, she jumps at the chance for an opportunity to go overseas and prove herself. It is the Spring of 1940, and England is at war with Germany and the Axis powers. When Ruby arrives in London, she is picked up by the handsome Captain Bennett, a good friend of Kaz, her new editor. This novel follows Ruby in London through the entirety of World War II, including the London Blitz–during which she makes cherished friends, a couple of enemies, and along with finding love, finds herself.

My Thoughts: I absolutely enjoyed Goodnight From London. I found it to be a quick read, and once I was a few chapters in, I didn’t want to put it down. I really liked Ruby’s character: she is sincere, strong, kind, and nothing about her felt forced or unbelievable. Bennett is incredibly aloof, and while at times I found his reticence annoying, it all makes sense when you start to figure out his role in war affairs. None of the main supporting characters felt static or boring–I found them all to be endearing. The ending filled me with so many warm, fuzzy feelings that it stuck with me for the rest of the day and I actually went back and reread the ending because it is so sweet! It is also clear that Robson really did her research, which I loved.

Recommendation If you love a historical fiction story (particularly one set in WWII), with a strong female character and a little bit of romance, I highly suggest this one. I’m definitely going to look up more of Robson’s books now, and continue with the historical fiction road I have been on recently.

Have an excellent day, and keep reading!

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