Review: Secrets of Camp Whatever: Vol. 1

Thanks to NetGalley, Oni Press, and Chris Grine for this advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. This one is available 3/2/21!

Rundown: In the first volume of Chris Grine’s Secrets of Camp Whatever, Willow doesn’t want to live in her new town of Nowhere, and she really doesn’t want go to her dad’s old summer camp, Camp…Whatever, for an entire week. However, when she arrives, Willow quickly makes new friends and realizes that things at the camp are not all they seem. Maybe camp won’t be so bad after all?

My Thoughts: I really liked this fun middle-grade graphic novel! I’m already planning on purchasing it for my classroom because I know my 7th graders would love it. Willow is 11, deaf/hard of hearing, and is living the lavender hair life of my dreams. While the focus of this story is not on her disability, there are many sweet (and not so sweet) moments surrounded it that I think spark important conversations. This definitely prompted me to do further research into appropriate terms to use when referencing Willow and her disability. It also makes me want to learn sign language! The fantasy element is mysterious and fun (I love the gnomes!) and gives me so many Lumberjanes vibes! I would definitely read the next one.

I recommend for fans of middle-grade/graphic novels/fantasy. If you enjoy Lumberjanes, you would definitely enjoy this one!

I’ve been enjoying my foray into the world of graphic novels! My students are constantly talking about manga and anime…so I should definitely look into reading some of those soon! If you have any recommendations…please let me know in the comments!


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