Review: The Twelve Lives of Alfred Hitchcock (#giftedbook)

Thanks to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for this free audiobook in exchange for an honest review. The print copy of this book is available now, and the audio is available 6/3/21!

Edward White’s biography on Hitchcock was interesting in the way it is laid out–each chapter covers a facet of Hitchcock’s personality and work, with twelve chapters total. While I have not seen all of his films, or even most of them, I am a big fan of the ones I have seen. I’m a big fan of biographies relating to film–actors, directors, creators, etc…you name it. I found this one to be informative and interesting because there was so much I did not know about Hitchcock…and not all of it was pleasant or puts him in a good light. The main issue that I had with this book is due to the way my own brain likes to process biographies. I prefer them to be presented in a mostly linear/chronological manner. This one, since it is divided uniquely, jumps around a bit. It’s truly not the worst, my brain just prefers things a certain way! 🙃 One of my favorite stories shared is how one of Hitchcock’s grandkids took a college class on Hitchcock’s films. The grandchild asked Hitch for help with an analytical essay…and received a “C”!

Qarie Marshall narrates cleanly and clearly. He does a good job. His voice reminds me so much of the narrator for the older Forensic Files series that I was honestly expected to be listening to the discovery of lots of murder throughout…so that was interesting.

Overall, while I enjoyed this and learned a lot of new information, I think I would have perhaps engaged more with the structure had I read the physical copy!

Do you have a favorite Hitchcock film? Mine is Rear Window!

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