10 Books I’m excited about in 2022

New year new books! I’m excited about books…all of the time, but I am especially excited about some of the books being published this year. This is by no means an exhaustive list…even after coming up with this list I was still thinking of more!

(Books are listed in publication order–click the title links to be taken to author’s website)

1. One True Loves by Elise Bryant
Pub Date: 1/4/22
This is a sequel of sorts to Bryant’s YA debut Happily Ever Afters. OTL follows Lenore, one of the lovely side characters in HEA. I preordered this one so it is already in my possession and it promises to be an adorable YA romance.

2. Homicide and Halo-Halo by Mia P. Manansala
Pub Date: 2/8/22
This is a follow-up to Manansala’s debut cozy mystery Arsenic and Adobo. The collection is known as the “Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mysteries” and I adored the first book. It was fun, quick-paced mystery featuring mouth-watering food descriptions, a sassy and relatable MC (Lila), and of course, murder. It was mild on the cheesiness, which I always appreciate in a cozy. This next one sounds just as interesting and it was just released that will be at least three more in the series!

3. All the King’s Men (US); A Three Dog Problem (UK) by SJ Bennett
Pub Date: 3/1/22
Okay, I promise not everything on this list is a sequel, but this one is. This is the second in the “Her Majesty the Queen Investigates” series featuring Queen Elizabeth II…as a secret (very secret) detective who uses her wits and wisdom and experience to guide those around her to do the actual sleuthing for her. The first book was FUN and clever and I am absolutely stoked that I got an ARC of this second one from NetGalley. Click here for my review of the first book, The Windsor Knot.

4. To Marry and the Meddle by Martha Waters
Pub Date: 4/5/22
This is the third in the series, but having read the first two (To Have and to Hoax, To Love and to Loathe), I feel like you can *technically* read these as a standalone. The main characters in this book, Lady Emily and Julian Belfry, are both side characters in the previous books and they are now getting their own book and I can’t wait. I have definitely started to join the Regency romance bandwagon and these books are fun (and steamy) additions to that category. I’m looking forward to Lady Emily coming into her own and way more Julian!

5. The No-Show by Beth O’Leary
Pub Date: 4/12/22
Look! It’s not a sequel! I’m such a fan of Beth O’Leary. I still think about The Switch allll the time and want to get my hands on a copy with the UK cover. The premise for this one has me intrigued: three amazing and cool women all get stood up on Valentine’s Day…by the same guy. I mean, what? I hate him already? How is this going to work?? This is why I MUST read it.

6. The Murder of Mr. Wickham by Claudia Gray
Pub Date: 5/3/22
This one has me TINGLING I’m so excited to read it (please accept my request on NetGalley Knopf Doubleday!!) because it sounds so cool. Jane Austen meets Agatha Christie? Characters from Austen novels being entrenched in a mystery? Wickham gets murdered?! SIGN ME UP.

7. I Kissed Shara Wheeler by Casey McQuiston
Pub Date: 5/3/22
McQuiston is an auto-buy author for me and I love that they are coming out with not only their first YA, but that it’s a YA with a mystery! It sounds like friendships will be made and hijinks will ensue! I can’t wait to have this book in my hands. May is going to be a great month.

8. Ballad & Dagger by Daniel José Older
Pub Date: 5/3/22
This is another book that gives me the excited shivers and I’m lucky enough to have an ARC of this one as well. This is the first YA book in the Rick Riordan Presents imprint and it sounds AMAZING. Click the title link for more details about this book and I’m going to continue to swoon over this stunning cover. Generally I want to read my ARCs until it’s closer to the pub date but honestly I might dive into this one this week.

9. The Sunbearer Trials by Aiden Thomas
Pub Date: 9/6/22
Cemetery Boys was one of my favorite books that I read in 2021 and The Sunbearer Trials does not sound like it’s going to disappoint. It sounds a bit like it has Percy Jackson meets Hunger Games vibes? I don’t know but I’m here for it. Also, here’s yet another stunning cover that would look wonderful on my bookshelves.

10. Bloodmarked by Tracy Deonn
Pub Date: 11/8/22
I will recommend Legendborn, the first book in this series, FOREVER, and I don’t know how I’m going wait until November for Bloodmarked. Legendborn is VERY hyped and 100% deserves all of it, in my humble opinion. It’s so well-written and well-crafted and well-everything. I’m probably going to reread it in preparation for this second one. Also…#TeamSel. IYKYK.

Anything on this list strike your fancy? Which books are you looking forward to reading this year? Let me know!

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