Review (#giftedbook): A Lady For A Duke

Thanks to NetGalley and Forever for this free digital copy in exchange for an honest review. This book is out now!

First–Alexis Hall is a story magician. THE RANGE PEOPLE. Okay.

A Lady For A Duke was so sweet and lovely. Viola and Gracewood are so completely swoon-worthy, but also deep and beautiful and endearing. This felt like a slow-burn for me and oh my…the ANGST. It is all worth it though. I do think the story ran a little long, but that is my only complaint, because this romance is so fulfilling and wonderful that really, who cares if it feels a little long. Also, the end is SO exciting and yes, I punched the air multiple times with joy. I thought I would be able to guess what the big conflict/climax would be, but I was completely wrong!

I love Viola’s journey through this book–as a trans woman in Regency (I’m assuming Regency) society, she doesn’t believe she can have the life she might want or be with the one she loves. Her journey to acceptance–not acceptance of who she knows she is, but of the life she could have–is heartwarming.

Important to note: the sex scenes are open door! Also, Gracewood deals with the effects of PTSD from battle. Both characters have trauma.

I would definitely recommend if you want a swoony, angst-ridden, slow-burn romance! I have two more of Hall’s book ready to go on my Kindle and I can’t wait!

Also…Happy Pride! 🙂 🙂

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