Review (#giftedbook): Death and Croissants

I’m currently trying so hard to stay caught up on reviewing my digital ARCs and I am doing *okay.* I still have a few from 2022 (oops haha), but at least I got today’s book review out on release day!

Up today: Death and Croissants, a cozy mystery by Ian Moore.

Okay first: There was a extreme lack of croissants in this book for the them to be part of the title. Also, I really want to eat a croissant or five right now.

Second: I truly wasn’t sure if I was going to like this book after the first few chapters, but I ended up really enjoying it! At times, the mystery felt a little over the top and there were moments I had to reread because I was a little confused how the characters got from point a to point b. However, there were twists I didn’t expect, and I found the ending satisfying…although I was really hoping MC Richard would have gotten a new chicken. Iykyk.

The humor was enjoyable (think British humor), I liked the setting of the French countryside, and I liked the characters enough that I would continue the series! Valerie is so cool and I want to be her when I grow up. As a film lover myself, I really enjoyed Richard’s extensive film knowledge and the way he connected films to his life.

Want a low-key, slightly over the top cozy mystery? Try this one. 🙂

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