5 Songs I’m Obsessed with Vol.1

Good morning and happy Sunday! I’ve decided to participate in April’s Camp NaNoWriMo (what is that?! Click here for more info) and true to fashion, I’m already procrastinating. Enter my new series: Five Songs I’m Obsessed With This Week. The concept is simple: every week (lol, if you’ve been with me for a while we can get a good laugh out of the thought I might actually stick with something weekly BUT I AM GOING TO TRY I PROMISE) I will post the five songs I can’t stop listening to. My musical tastes are diverse, so I am interested to see what actually reflects my mental state each week. πŸ™‚

Currently, as I am so good at the writing thing, I have been adding songs to my “Writing 23” playlist instead of actually working on my novel but hey–writing music is important, right?? Right. I’ll include the link to my Spotify playlist at the end–it only has this week’s songs so far, but it will grow! Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Daddy Lessons (feat. The Chicks): Beyonce, The Chicks

Umm okay I don’t know where the hell I’ve been, but this song released in 2016 and I just heard it for the first time YESTERDAY?! I’m going to blame the orange guy, because why not?

This song hooked me immediately; I lovveee the bluesy, jazzy, country feel, and it’s definitely a song that gets the creative juices flowing.

Have You A Heart: The War and Treaty

This is one of those songs that buried itself into my heart and soul and I will absolutely love it forever. What makes it even better is that The War and Treaty are a husband and wife duo (Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter) and their VOICES. Phenomenal. I can’t wait to listen to the entire album. I feel like if I was ever lucky enough to see them perform this song live, I would be in tears the entire time.

You: Miley Cyrus

Okay so while I have always been a fan of Miley, I have not been completely taken in by one of her albums until this one. It’s SO GOOD and I can’t even explain what it is about this song that I love so much…the tone of her voice, the lyrics…it’s all amazing. I think I’m seeing a trend in the songs this week…they’re all songs that just imprinted on me immediately.

Look At Us Now (Honeycomb): Daisy Jones & The Six

Okay so I’m probably one of the few people left in the world who haven’t read this book by Taylor Jenkins Reid or seen the show…but GOD this song. Without knowing much about the story, I feel like everyone involved in the making of this show/music completely understand the assignment. It’s giving Fleetwood Mac vibes (I think that’s the point lol), 70s rock band/singer-songwriter and I love this song so much that I actually might read the book. I’ve only refrained because I feel like the drama will stress me out too much…but the curiosity might win. Anyway, this song is great.

We’re All Gonna Die (with Noah Kahan): Joy Oladokun, Noah Kahan

This is not the first collab between Joy and Noah and I just want an entire album of the two of them. I feel like this song kind of encapsulates the existential existence of living in a world that sometimes feels a bit hopeless…all wrapped up in an upbeat package. It’s enjoyable and I will listen to anything they make.

Alright, I’m going to actually attempt to make some novel progress now. I’ll post something about my Camp NaNoWriMo plans in the next couple of days, but for now, I’ll leave you with my Writing 23 playlist.

Meg’s Writing 23 Playlist

What should I be listening to? Drop me your recommendations in the comments! πŸ™‚

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