Review (#giftedbook): To Swoon and To Spar

Introducing…To Swoon and To Spar! (A month after the publication date lol.)

Thanks to NetGalley and Atria Books for the free digital copy in exchange for an honest review…I also had this preordered!

I will read anything Martha Waters writes because I love her books so much. TSATS was no exception. It was so nice to finally get Penvale’s book and I so enjoyed the relationship between him and Jane. Also, as the first three books all featured the same characters, I really loved the addition of Jane to the group as a fresh face! While our wonderful couples from the previous books make their appearances in this book, after getting to know Penvale and Jane more, I thought it was perfect that the two are off on their own on an estate, away from the interferences of his friends. I rather think that the relationship that develops between them would have had a much more difficult go of it if Jane was forced to regularly be with Diana! (Penvale’s sister, for those who have not read the books yet.)

Throughout the first three books we really only know Penvale as Diana’s (kind) brother who is solely focused on gaining control of his family’s estate again. I appreciated that upon realizing his dream, he has a relatable “now what” moment, and grows from it.

Plus, who doesn’t love a marriage of convenience, a fake haunting, and an enemies-to-lovers situation?

I love the way Waters makes her regency romances fresh, witty, and fun! I can’t wait for West and Sophie’s book, but I am also not ready to say goodbye to this series. I highly recommend the series, and as always, I highly recommend reading them in order. πŸ™‚

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