Haiku A Day: Days 1 & 2

Hey all! Next month, I was supposed to start a poetry unit with my 7th graders, and I was INTENSELY looking forward to it. (I love teaching poetry.) One of their assignments was going to be to keep a haiku journal for a week. I had an idea that during this period of social distancing, I would do this, and then once school was back on, would be able to show them all of the haikus I came up with. Great, right?

Well. Today we got word that schools will now be closed in Oregon until April 28th. Besides having no clue what this means or what I’m going to do for another month, this puts my glorious lesson ideas on the back burner.

However, yesterday I started the haiku journey, and I’m going to continue…for an indeterminate amount of time. I will share these daily, although they won’t be a part of a longer post. Just quick little haikus. Bear in mind that I don’t consider myself a haiku genius…but they are a bit addicting once you get started!

With all that said, here are the haiku(s) (I got a bit excited) from yesterday:

He is curious.
Golden-eyed, always watchful.
Except now, he sleeps.

Take a moment to
recognize the beauty of
the avocado.

Graded three essays
too exhausted to go on
might Netflix and chill.

Today’s haiku:

Counting syllables
for everything today
to topple boredom.

That’s all for today folks! Be ready for another haiku tomorrow. 🙂

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