Haiku a Day: Days 43-49

Hello All! I have 14 days worth of haikus to share with you, but I’m going to split them into two posts. Why? I couldn’t tell you. It just makes sense in my brain. 🙂

Day 43:

Plotting and planning.
Alexander Hamilton
could write his way out.

Day 44:

Nothing but blue skies
birds chirp, bees buzz, and my cats
hiss at each other.

Day 45:

6-point-2 miles
Monthly 10k goal: complete.
Time to get faster.

Day 46:

Last day of April
each month, as long as a year.
What will May bring next?

Day 47:

Today was about
human connection and rest.

Day 48:

I got new glasses–
need to block out the blue light.
No more headaches please.

Day 49:

Samson, our new cat:
wants to be heard but not touched
and loves to eat food.

The rest will be up later today! 🙂

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