Haiku a Day: Days 50-56

Here you go, the second installment of haikus. After this, I will be caught up, and what a feeling that will be!

Day 50:

Fifty days of this.
I’m like a bird in cage.
Sunshine helps me through.

Day 51:

Cinco de mayo
Time spent with friends over Zoom
Grateful for laughter

Day 52:

Latin and Greek roots
fill my lesson plan today.
I love to love words.

Day 53:

Mindfulness practice–
trying to sit and be still
watching thoughts go by.

Day 54:

A cup of coffee:
warm, inviting, steadying–
ready for the day.

Day 55:

Share: why do you read?
For escape? Pleasure? Knowledge?
Maybe all? Or none?

Day 56:

I love slow mornings.
Birds chirp and trill. I drink in
the sounds with coffee.

Thank you for reading. 🙂

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