Haiku A Day: Days 62-69

Haikus are still going strong even though I have not been posting them!

Day 62:

Zoom birthdays are weird.
We should have been in Bend now.
Thankful for my friends.

Day 63:

Grey days here again
Gloom settles around the house
Try to stay awake.

Day 64:

Lavender latte
The balm to my weary soul
bright spot in the grey.

Day 65:

Inhale and Exhale
Time to slow down and be here
safe in this moment.

Day 66:

Walk slowly. Breathe deep.
Gentle breeze flows. Birds singing.
No destination.

Day 67:

Constant sway between
content and disconnect as
Covid continues.

Day 68:

Choose to seek magic
and it will make itself known
when you need it most.

Day 69:

Before Corona
I wished for long hair but now
I take that wish back.

I will post the rest tomorrow! 🙂

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