Haiku a Day: Days 70-77

Day 70:

Sit with dignity
Watch thoughts come and go like clouds
drifting through blue sky.

Day 71:

Pride and Prejudice
tells me something new each time
I escape within.

Day 72:

The sun’s heat beats down
enveloping all in its
warm, sleepy, embrace.

Day 73:

Mindfulness brings more
intention to small moments.
Connection to all.

Day 74:

Elizabeth you
torture poor Darcy so with
your bewitching eyes.

Day 75:

12/10 would
recommend puppy antics.
Tumbling, playing, naps.

Day 76:

When it is raining
motivation vanishes.
In comes the daydreams.

Day 77:

How to overcome
world-inducing weariness?
Tell me when you know.

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