Haiku a Day: Days 84-91

While I have not forgotten to write haikus, I have absolutely become lazy about posting haikus…but that’s okay, because ultimately, they are for me, right? (Wow, commas GALORE.) Here is the first section of catch-up!

Day 84:

Simon glares at me
during attempts to move him
out of my sleep spot.

Day 85:

Rejection is tough
but I am tougher. I rise
above it and grow.

Day 86:

White people: listen.
Open your hearts and listen.
Shut up and listen.

Day 87:

Bought a bike today
Despite my terror of them
Here’s to facing fears.

Day 88:

We go out into
the world to play but the world
is different now.

Day 89:

The last day of school
feels anticlimactic and
of course, it’s raining.

Day 90:

Summer goals are as
varied as wildflowers and
just as numerous.

Day 91:

Ready to refresh:
to rise up from the depths of
unproductive strife.

Day 92:

Great British Bake-Off:
No soggy bottoms or else
risk Mary’s anger.

Day 93:

Bend trip for boyfriend’s
birthday –ready for good beer
and relaxation.

Day 94:

The hangover blues
settle over us today
but we’ll persevere.

Day 95:

Towering over
all; friend to hikers, climbers…
Smith Rock stands proudly.

Happy Saturday!

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