Haiku a Day: Days 96-103

I hit 100 DAYS of haiku writing in this section! Ah! The thing is, that also means 100 days of this weird existence.

Day 96:

Summer stretches out
I want to do so much that
its overwhelming.

Day 97:

My tomato plant
thrives, grows taller, flowers. Green
tomatoes appear.

Day 98:

Upon my sudden
rediscovery of Sims
time swiftly passes.

Day 99:

Surprisingly I
have spent little time outside
despite nice weather.

Day 100:

One hundred days have
passed; one hundred haikus now
present in my world.

Day 101:

I want TV to
stir excitement in me but
I’m bored with it all.

Day 102:

Social media
brings comparison dangers:
avoid succumbing.

Day 103:

Realizing I’ve lost
my groove in many aspects
and I want it back.


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