Haiku a Day: Days 50-56

Here you go, the second installment of haikus. After this, I will be caught up, and what a feeling that will be! Day 50: Fifty days of this. I'm like a bird in cage.Sunshine helps me through. Day 51: Cinco de mayoTime spent with friends over ZoomGrateful for laughter Day 52: Latin and Greek rootsfill... Continue Reading →

Haiku a Day: Days 43-49

Hello All! I have 14 days worth of haikus to share with you, but I'm going to split them into two posts. Why? I couldn't tell you. It just makes sense in my brain. 🙂 Day 43: Plotting and planning. Alexander Hamiltoncould write his way out. Day 44: Nothing but blue skiesbirds chirp, bees buzz,... Continue Reading →

Haiku A Day: Days 34-42

This past week has been a blur, honestly. Haikus were written, haikus were forgotten, haikus were not posted. The rain returned off and on this and it just left me feeling grey and unmotivated. However, the sun came out today, and I have a bunch of haikus to share with you! Day 34: Forty books... Continue Reading →

Haiku a Day: Days 31, 32, 33

The days are becoming blurry. I thought I just posted a haiku and then I look and it's been three days. How are you all holding up?? Day 31: Delicate blossomsrelease sweet scent through the breeze.Graceful lilacs sway. Day 32: Still reading Emma,whose arrogance makes me cringe...as does Elton's wife. Day 33: Simon is happy.... Continue Reading →

Haiku a Day: Day 28

How has it been 28 days already? When will I manage to post before 9pm? We may never learn the answers. The river still flows.Gushing, rushing, full of life, seemingly endless.

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