Reading the Classics: Northanger Abbey

Happy Wednesday! Today is the first day of my short Thanksgiving break from work and after this post and some reading, it will be time to prep for tomorrow. It's not looking like I will complete my Jane Austen re-read before the end of the year, unless I want to attempt to get through Mansfield... Continue Reading →

Reading the Classics: Sense and Sensibility

Happy Monday! I started this post back in September, and am just now getting around to finishing it. I spent a relaxing weekend getting some housework done, reading, and trying to perfect an Olive Garden-esque chicken and gnocchi soup. With the weather here in Oregon now solidly grey and rainy, all I want to eat... Continue Reading →

Reading the Classics: Emma

Hello and Happy May! My first segment for "Reading the Classics" was so long ago, that I forgot it was even an idea I had! The original idea was that I would read classics I had not read before, and as usual, provide commentary. Perhaps this is blasphemy as an English major and a Language... Continue Reading →

October Reads

Hey all! Long time no write. Grad school and student teaching got the better of me last month and I have basically only had the energy to procrastinate and watch The Office...but here we are. Somehow, I managed to read all of the books I planned to read in September but thought it might be wise... Continue Reading →

Reading the Classics: A Raisin in the Sun

Welcome to the first volume of "Reading the Classics"! Recently, I've been pondering the sheer number of literary classics that I have not read. Some I have actively avoided (ahem Lord of the Flies, ahem anything by Vonnegut), and many I just haven't gotten around to yet. I want to change that and thankfully, student teaching... Continue Reading →

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